Mark Hillman, Ph.D.

To lead others you
must first lead yourself.

Mission Statement

"One thing is for certain, sustainable success requires an infusion of new thinking. The delemma is determining which emerging strategies are viable and finding the time and means to keep yourself current." --Mark Hillman

For 25 years, I have provided executive development programs for all types of organizations. My strategic services practice is devoted to helping clients develop a strategic management program to direct the organization toward the consistent accomplishment of multi-period goals. My mission is to help my clients create realistic, actionable tactical plans. A meaningful plan answers questions concerning what client organizations can do, what they want to do, and what they are willing to do to achieve their strategic goals.


Tactical planning issues are directly related to an organization's condition, culture and social objectives. Each client is unique and there is no standard answer to an organization's needs. Solutions must be designed, implemented and internalized. I like to be held accountable for achieving results, not making recommendations. I pursue results and work hard to ensure the client gets the sought benefits. I keep the client informed throughout the consulting process to insure the client is never surprised.


Most of my client relationships begin with a request to address a specific issue in the training or planning area. In addressing the issue, my approach is like that of  a good physician. I attempt to understand the overall health of the patient before  prescribing a solution for a specific problem.

I prefer to start the problem-solving process with an audit of the client's overall strategic philosophy, policies, systems, and practices. Each component is examined in light of the client's financial and organizational well-being and unique objectives. Then, when the audit is accomplished and the big picture is known, a solution can be prescribed to address the specific problem.

The client is always involved in the problem-solving process. It is the client who decides among the valid alternative solutions. It is the client who determines the pace and resources to be applied to the solution.

I provide the time, objectivity and expertise necessary to focus on the problem. I stay involved until the problem has been resolved. I work on the problem within a determined budget, keeping the client informed of progress and expenditures against the budget.

Individuals/corporations are changing by themselves or in concert with others. While change can be individually and/or collectively positive or negative, its connection to my work is to afford people/organizations the maximum opportunity for positive change as they might define it for themselves.

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